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Nanhedian Town, Nanzhao County: Party Building Leads Poverty Alleviation Road


Decision-making exploration magazine full media reporter Liu Zhenwei correspondent Liu Chunyu

The key to winning the tough battle against poverty is to adhere to the party's leadership. In recent years, the party committee and government of Nanhedian Town, Nanzhao County has always adhered to the work idea of “focusing on poverty alleviation and party building and improving party building to promote poverty alleviation”, combining the party's grass-roots organization construction with precision poverty alleviation work, and promoting both party building and poverty alleviation. Winning the battle against poverty provides a strong organizational guarantee.

Jianqiang branch plays the role of "engine"

The former secretary of Longwangmiao Village had been in bed for three years, and was unable to carry out work normally. He had not organized an organization within three years. He had not developed new party members for two consecutive years, and the party organization was scattered, without cohesion and vitality. In June 2017, after a study and decision by the Nanhedian Town Party Committee, the village director Li Yin served as the secretary of the Party Branch of Longwangmiao Village. At that time, the two-storey party and mass service center was built on the old site of the peasant households that had been abandoned for many years. The permeable floor was laid, and a high-end cultural square and cultural stage were built.

"The scattered is a starry sky, and the gathering is a fire." The village has 34 party members, including 2 women party members, 3 party members with college education or above, 2 new development party members last year, and 2 activists trained in the party. The branch organized activities for party member activities and public communication days. All party members participated in the "three meetings and one lesson" to concentrate on theoretical knowledge and conduct policy situation education. Through the reelection activities of the two village committees, the team of the two village committees with the strong villages was organized to carry out the "three highlights and three assessments" activity among the party members. According to their actual conditions, 32 party members showed their identities, responsibilities, and commitments, and mobilized party members to play a pioneer. Exemplary role: 25 party members assisted 50 poor households in pairs, and 2 party members took the initiative to recruit the poor calcium processing plants and stone processing plants to work for the poor people to increase their employment at their doorsteps, which has won praise from the masses.

On the basis of strong branches, Longwangmiao Village has comprehensively promoted the development model of "Party Organization + Cooperatives + Bases + Poor Households". A total of 420 kV photovoltaic power stations, 400 acres of seedling flower planting bases, 150 acres of pear planting bases, and data lines have been established. The processing of poverty alleviation employment workshops and other rich people's industries that are in line with local conditions and have distinctive local characteristics will eventually form a characteristic industrial cluster. During this process, the village transferred 880 acres of land, creating more than 300 jobs for the masses, realizing the situation where branches were built on the industrial chain, party members gathered on the industrial chain, and the masses were rich on the industrial chain.

Nanhedian Town adheres to the concept of "where the development of the poverty alleviation industry, the party flag flutters", so that the branch and the industry are closely connected to help in pairs. In addition to farming crayfish in Longwangmiao Village, Nanhedian Town also has star poverty alleviation projects represented by wig training in Chengkouwan Village, tree planting in Shengou Village, and brown mushroom cultivation in Guoying Village. Played an important role. The implementation of these poverty alleviation projects is inseparable from the full support of the village party branches and poverty alleviation teams. It is the party branch that organizes the poor to conduct technical training, complete land transfers, and establish professional cooperatives, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of poverty alleviation industry projects. The foundation finally formed a pattern of comprehensive development of poverty alleviation industry in Nanhedian Town.

Longwangmiao Village New Age Mass Training Center

Party members exemplify the endogenous motivation of the masses

To help the poor first, only by inspiring the endogenous motivation of the poor can we form a strong atmosphere of "I want to get rid of poverty and glorious out of poverty". Nanhedian Town takes the activities of "Party Cadres and Branches" as a carrier, gives full play to the subjective initiative and leading role of Party members and cadres, and conducts mobile "red flag" and "black flag" inspirational education and selection activities in villages throughout the town, and starts a new era of the masses. Measures such as the seminars and the “Tongxin Supermarket” have deeply explored the inspirational model of poverty alleviation, effectively stimulated the endogenous motivation of the poor, and provided strong spiritual support for targeted poverty alleviation.

How small is the cohesion of the party organization? Longwangmiao Village built a party-built cultural promenade on the road from the village to the poverty alleviation employment workshop. Within two days, the masses spontaneously cleared the appendages on both sides of the road. Guoying Village needs to requisition 6.3 acres of land when constructing the village cultural square. Poor household Zhao Tianming took the initiative to free up more than 1 acre of vegetable land, and urged 25 households to voluntarily give up scattered and sporadic land free of charge, ensuring the cultural square. The smooth construction of the project. Wang Yuhai, an old party member of Longwangmiao Village, actively developed industries and transferred employment after becoming a poor household, striving to be a “pioneer” on the road to poverty alleviation, setting an example for the poor.

Longwangmiao Village Outstanding Student Commendation Conference

Party class enters the village to improve grassroots spirit

In July 2017, Longwangmiao Village of the town renovated an idle house of a peasant household in the village, and built a new era civilization practice station that integrates people's mediation, military service, moral education, technical training, and book reading. "Now, it has become a lively place. Policy talks, moral lectures, entrepreneurship to get rich, technical training, popular science education, and civil mediation are all conducted here. Regular publicity of the state's poverty reduction policies to the masses, ethics lectures, and getting rich around The typical and new sages gave lectures on the stage and promoted the positive energy of the society. The people in the village did not petition again, and the flames of getting rid of poverty and getting rich were very hot. "Feng Dechao, a villager in the village, said.

In order to implement the "three meetings and one lesson" and carry out the "two studies, one doing" study and education, the village party branches in the town will organize party lessons in mass activities to effectively display the image of party members. Party members have become a vivid practice of various tasks. By. The town's Longwangmiao Village uses the activities of "Party Cadres and Branches" as a carrier, regularly conducts ethics lectures, disseminates the core values of socialism to the masses, conducts "good daughter-in-law, good in-law" evaluation, "Xinxiangxian" evaluation, and mobile "red and black "Banner" inspirational education selection and other activities, using the real people and real education around them to influence the villagers; buy gongs, drums, dry boats and other equipment, set up a village dance team, gongs and drums team, organize cultural performances every year to enrich the cultural life of the masses; established The village-level "concentric supermarket" uses points to exchange items, establishes the "most glorious" value orientation, guides the masses to establish a correct outlook on honor and disgrace, guides the poor to rely on hard work to get rich, increase income, improve family conditions, and improve household appearance Change your lifestyle. At present, the party branch of Longwangmiao Village is taking the prosperity of the industry as a guide, and is making unremitting efforts to achieve peasant prosperity, rural civilization, and social harmony.

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