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Deng Lun's new drama "Landing in Love" will strike, turning into a handsome villain.



A classic character image, an actor who does not fight for acting skills and strength, an opportunity to become popular. These three are common in the entertainment industry. Some small fresh meat can only be called "entertainers", and some from "grass roots" to popular actors in just three years. Deng Lun is one of them. "Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds" has made its debut, and "Chu Qiao" and "White Deer Plain" played by Xiao Ce and Lu Zhaohai, and their sincere feelings are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. "Because I Meet You" lawyer Li Yunkai and "Fragrance and Frost" Xu Feng officially entered the stage of frontline artists.

2019 is a year full of Deng Lun's achievements. Several of the works he starred in were well rated in Douban. "You are the best" Bei Hao youth Hao Zeyu. The characters make the wicks memorable. In 2020, Deng Lun's new drama "Landing in Love" is about to be transformed into a handsome villain.

The fourth male New Year's Eve in this drama will be the most distressing role for Lun Lun next year. After the 918 incident, the lives of the three brothers Ma were broken by brutal war. The righteous policeman, the elder brother Ma Guyu's typical cultural person, is highly educated, but likes the same woman as his brother in troubled times. The third brother is the saddest one. Although it was an anti-Japanese war film, it performed the Chinese awakening in the 918 Incident. Ma Zhongqiu experienced a turn of fate, and won the love and favorite woman Nan Yan rushed to the battlefield, fighting for national honor.

The main character is Zhang Luyi, and his anti-Japanese series has flesh and blood. I used to play against Li Yifeng in the spy war drama "Sparrow" with great eyes. The grandpa played in the "Second Beautiful" just ended is very sensational. There are anti-Japanese fighters, commercial warfare, and urban love in the works to be broadcast.


The point of abuse in "Land of Love" lies in the younger brother played by Lun Lun. In the later period, due to the appearance of his biological father Takahashi Nan, the fate changed a lot. Against the older brothers, the audience saw a distressing Deng Lun in the previous trailer. This is also his first interpretation of the villain, a character that can't be hated and is even more sad.

The show brings together Xu Zhengxi, old drama Gu Ji, and Li Hongtao who have successfully transformed the film and television market in the past two years. Judging from Douban's introduction, this will be a very exciting man's play. The heroine of Jiang Kaitong is at best a supporting film. Do you expect to broadcast it soon?

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