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Teaching and Research Activities of “How to Help Students with Difficulties” by the Mathematics Group of the Third Affiliated School of Vanke City in Taishi Normal University


After strictly implementing a series of regulations to "reduce the burden of students' excessive learning," for "students", it gives them more free time and room for development; but for "students" However, they are at a loss while gaining freedom of development. The teacher's pace of class has accelerated, and the amount of homework has decreased. I can't use other classes to start a small stove for myself ... Various measures make them feel happy and worried. In the teaching of mathematics, how to care about the "students with learning difficulties" while reducing the burden has become what every teacher needs to think about. To this end, all teachers of the Mathematics Group of Taishi Sanfu Xiao Vanke City Campus conducted a lecture on the afternoon of December The teaching and research activity on the theme of "How to help students with learning difficulties".

Teacher Ren believes that students should be the protagonists in the classroom, and "students with difficulty learning" should take the stage and "sing more dramas." Class teaching should be a teacher and student singing a play together, and the protagonist of the play is the student, and the teacher is the supporting role. In many cases, teachers are less effective than students; teachers are less effective than students. Let students really participate in interaction and invest in learning to promote thinking, understanding and memory. For example, when teaching the three concepts of speed, time, and distance, the teacher can organize a walking show. Teachers are seconds, and two students race away at the same time. Then discuss: Who is fast? Why is he fast? Is it true that people who walk a lot will be fast? Students understand what is called speed, distance, and time through competition → discussion → summary. Throughout the lesson, students can try, discover, and summarize by themselves from beginning to end. The teacher just dials a bit when appropriate.

Teacher Zhang Qin felt that a revised reward system should be implemented. Asking students to correct the wrong questions is a necessary measure to ensure the effectiveness of the exercises. However, "students who have difficulty learning" often evade corrections for various reasons. Teachers have to spend a lot of time and energy on urging and criticizing education. The result is that both teachers and students are tired and have negative effects. For this reason, teachers should change the revision method and implement the revised reward system. When students saw the teacher write 100 points on their revised workbooks and examination papers, a cheerful smile appeared on their faces, which could stimulate the enthusiasm of the students with difficulties.

Teacher Guo believes that exercises should be designed in layers and assignments should be set flexibly. According to the teaching objectives of a lesson, the exercise design should be stepped. Each ladder is aimed at students at different levels. The level of students' learning level is not divided into good, medium and poor at one time, but is flexibly divided according to the feedback situation in the classroom. First, ask the whole class to complete the basic exercises, and then gradually improve and increase difficulty. Let the students who have reached the previous goal take the first step and do the exercises at the next level, and the teacher will concentrate on tutoring the students who have not yet understood. In this way, students with learning difficulties can successfully complete basic assignments. Variation questions will not be done and it does not matter. After listening to the comments, you will not feel a heavy burden. Students are very interested in this flexible assignment. Students of all levels have gained and made progress.

Teacher Zhang Qishu thinks that the learning content should be tapped to enhance its practicality. The famous mathematician Hua Luogeng said: "One of the reasons people have a dull, mysterious and incomprehensible impression of mathematics is to deviate from reality." Therefore, whether it is a conceptual background or illustration, or the choice of application content or the design of exercise problems, Attention should be paid to being close to reality and interesting.

Teachers of the Mathematics Group of the Third Affiliated Vanke City Campus of Taishi Teachers College have stated that they will use their love to affect students, warm up and inspire students, and care about protecting students, so that they can counterattack from "learning difficulties" into "learning excellence" and become a math class Beautiful landscape, transmitting positive energy. (Rong media reports Huang Jing correspondent Zhang Qin Wang Xiaohui)

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