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Cards are required to be exposed within 24 hours! Famous mouths have made a sound, see what Yang Yi and Su Qun said


On December 24th, Beijing time, when we were looking forward to the coming of the Houtian Lakers and Clippers Christmas War, we did not expect that the league today sent a blockbuster news. The over-request of Xiao Qiao to some teams this summer was Suddenly exposed, the person with a small card collapsed again

It is reported that in addition to asking for a maximum salary contract from a team pursuing a small card, Cardio also includes a private jet, a house, and a certain amount of endorsement income this summer. What's more, Cardio also repeatedly asked the Lakers boss Jenny Bath to get part of the team's shares.

In this regard, the fans are constantly arguing: So it seems that the ball father is much more cute than Ka-chan, one with a big mouth and one with paranoia completely; is this poor?

Within 24 hours of the request from Cardiac being exposed, the fans were talking and the celebrities were also talking. Let's see what they said. Yang Yi emphasized: "An athlete is an athlete. You set him up with a bunch of other people, saying that he is a good person, and he has good morals; or he is a self-serving person, selfish, what does it have to do with you watching his ball? "At the same time, Yang Yi also said:" Now it seems that I am too old, and I really do not understand what the main force of the Internet thinks now; or I am too straight and I am too steely. I do n’t know too much. I do n’t know if anyone is watching the game like we are now. ”

Different from Yang Yi, Su Qun commented after the news broke: "The Christmas War has begun to build momentum. It is said that Leonard Dennis was asking the Lakers for a share, a large signing fee, and a private jet. Hate kawaii "

Another Mouth Wang Meng said this: "The problem of carding is not a question of greed, it is a question of not knowing the law. A player contract has specific provisions. But this is not the same thing as Leonard playing on the court. He should be as good as he is, and he should be as difficult as he is. He is not as difficult as the first day, the Spurs know, the Raptors know, the Clippers know. But this is the price, you If you want Leonard, you have to find a way to deal with him. "

The celebrities express their opinions and have their own reasons. In other words, we will not take a closer look here. After all, the alliance is always paying attention to this matter, and punishment will be given if there is evidence. In comparison, the Clippers Roadway just took out an old photo of themselves wearing the 76 team jersey is very interesting. A certain platform gave such a sentence: "Intriguing, Lou Wei showed three photos of the 76ers in that year on the ins. There were rumors that Lou Wei and Xiao Ka were in conflict, could it be ..." What do you think? Please discuss with us in the message area

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