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Wrong health theory in life! Come see how many of you hit


We have been instilled a lot of "common sense" from childhood to age, but many so-called "common sense" are actually wrong, such as "MSG makes people sick", "sports drinks are supplemented with electrolytes, so they are completely harmless" and so on. These are actually wrong. Togo takes a look at some common mistakes in life. Let's see if you have been misled before!

1. Raise your chin when you have a nosebleed?

The only benefit of this method may be that it will not drip blood on the clothes or the floor ... but in fact the symptoms of nosebleeds will not improve as a result, but may cause blood to flow back into the throat, which is more serious. May also cause symptoms of vomiting and suffocation. The correct way is to put a small cotton ball in the bleeding nostril, then gently press the nose, and tilt the head forward, and an ice towel or a wet towel around the neck can also help stop bleeding.

2. Superstitious health products break down the body

Nowadays, various health products are constantly emerging on the market. With various magical effects, they can replace the current medicine to treat XX diseases. In fact, more than 90% of health products on the market are not effective. Rather than superstitious health products, it is better to match diet properly, which has the same effect of health care. Many people eat health products all year round for the sake of health, but the result is that they are getting weaker and weaker, and even delaying their illness.

3. Whole grains are good for your health, so eat whole grains

The reason why eating whole grains is good for health is because the whole grains are rich in dietary fiber and can promote gastrointestinal motility; on the other hand, the whole grains are rich in carbohydrates. But after milling the grains into powder, the dietary fiber is gone, and all that remains is starch and sugar. This is terrible for diabetics, because it will increase blood glucose absorption, raise blood sugar quickly, and is bad for the body.

4. Dress thicker or you will catch a cold

A drop in body temperature is not the cause of a cold, but the key reason is that you are infected by a cold virus. There is currently no evidence that hair can become ill without drying it. But it currently explains why winter is more likely to catch a cold. This is because we spend a lot of time in closed rooms and it is easier to spread cold viruses to each other.

5.XX blood type is easy to attract mosquito bites

Please, how do mosquitoes know your blood type ... but they have amazing thermal sensitivity, even the difference of 0.05 degrees Celsius can be detected, so to find a delicious "hot blood molecule" in the summer evening, but They can't be beaten at all, they can easily find the thermal image that emits their saliva.

The carbon dioxide and water vapor in the air we exhale will attract mosquitoes. In addition, only female mosquitoes that need protein in the blood to lay eggs will bite and they will not bite after laying eggs.

6. Cigarettes have a calming function

Smoking does have a relaxing effect for people who smoke, but this is not because nicotine really has a relaxing effect, but people who have become dependent on nicotine. As long as they get cigarettes, they can suppress the phenomenon of nagging, addiction The gentleman's pressure when resisting a cigarette is never experienced by a non-smoker.

7. Vitamins are good stuff

Everyday foods contain a variety of vitamins, and people who have a balanced diet basically do not need additional supplements. In addition, there are many kinds of vitamins and their functions are different. If they are not symptomatic, they will not cure the disease, but may make up for it. Furthermore, vitamins are not potent medicines and cannot prevent and cure all diseases.

8. Iron pot cooking can add iron

Although cooking in an iron pan can increase the iron content in the dishes, these irons are all inorganic irons. When the human body needs to absorb iron in the form of organic compounds, it is also called heme iron. The absorption rate of heme iron in the human body About 30% -35%. And the absorption rate of non-heme iron from the wok is not high, it is estimated to be only less than 3%. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use iron skillet to supplement iron.

9. Eggs should be kept refrigerated, or there will be salmonella?

If so, the eggs will also be sold refrigerated. This is actually because Salmonella multiplies in the refrigerator in a small amount, however, it is easier to promote the growth of Salmonella in an environment of alternating cold and heat than under warm conditions.

10. Get up before you get up

We are used to covering the quilt when we sleep everyday, but we will fold the quilt when we get up the next day. In fact, this is incorrect. The human body itself is also a source of pollution. During a night's sleep, the skin of the human body emits a large amount of water vapor, which causes the quilt to become wet to varying degrees. If it is not allowed to emit, it will immediately fold up after getting up, which will easily make the quilt wet and polluted by chemicals.

How many of the above 10 common misconceptions in life?

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