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Sun Quan, a young British hero, often fainted in his later years. What is the reason?



During the Three Kingdoms period, a large number of popular figures emerged, including Sun Quan of Soochow. Sun Quan's boyhood ascended the throne, making Jiangdong stable in just a few years, but such an Englishman, but frequently fainted in his later years, what is the hidden reason?


The first and middle period of Wu Quan's life, Sun Quan, can be described as "getting fame." In the five years of Jian'an (200 AD), the small bully Sun Ce just calmed down Jiangdong. It was when the spirit was up, but he was attacked by assassins and finally left with hate. This year, Sun Quan was only nineteen years old. After taking over the burden of Jiangdong, he began to strengthen himself.

Sun Quan portrait

At the beginning of Sun Ce's power, his attitude towards Jiangdong clans was the same as that of the vast majority, and he tried his best to suppress it. Therefore, Jiangdong's political situation during Sun Ce's time often turbulent. Fortunately, there is a great man Zhang Zhao mediating, and the two factions in Jiangdong's political situation—Huaisi Group and local clergy group—are barely safe. But with the fall of Sun Ce, many people have different thoughts.

Sun Quan is a clever young man. Although his military talent is far from enough, his political vision is definitely top-notch. With the assistance of Zhang Zhao, Cheng Pu and other senior officials, Sun Quan relaxed his policy of suppressing Jiangdong clans and switched to marriages and rewards to increase the clout of clans. In this way, Sun Quan gained the favor of the clans. With the support of the clan cliques such as Gu Yong and Lu Xun, in a few years, Sun Quan completely calmed down the six counties of Jiangdong, and since then he has sat firmly on the top.

Sun Quan film and television drama image

By the middle of Sun Quan ’s reign, Jiangdong clan talents came out, mostly serving the court, and its political influence even surpassed that of the Huai Si Group, which had hit the world. The most famous are also the four surnames of Wu Jun. They are Gu, Lu, Zhu and Zhang. For a time, both the Sun family and the Jiangdong clans had half the power. However, in his later years, the wise and half-life emperor repeatedly made a daze. Many clan figures were brutally linked, even Lu Xun, the country's jade pillar, died unjustly in this storm. Among them, what is the secret? (1) The fuse caused by the death of Sun Deng

Throughout Sun Quan's later years, he made a lot of mistakes on the issue of heirs. The reason is that the sudden death of the former prince, Sun Deng, can be regarded as a fuse. With Sun Deng's death as the limit, Sun Quan's attitude towards Jiangdong clans obviously changed drastically.

Sun Deng, the son of Zi Gao, Sun Quan's most respected eldest son. As we all know, Sun Quan once claimed court with Cao Wei and paid tribute on time. Generally speaking, at that time, he said that he would surrender, and he needed to send his immediate family members to Beijing as hostages. For example, the former Yizhou herdsman Liu Ye, in order to eliminate the court's caution, left his sons in Luoyang as hostages. As a young son, Liu Xun succeeded in inheriting Yizhou Mu, because his hostage brothers died unfortunately in the chaos. It can be seen that acting as a proton is dangerous.

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