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Originally young and promising Li Ronghao, an unscathable searcher and IWC pilot


At the end of the year, many manufacturers launched new models in December. Among the many new car press conferences, the press conference of the new SUV product TACQUA by FAW-Volkswagen was quite impressive. Because he cleverly adopted the form of concert, through the trendy audiovisual experience, attracted the attention of young people. At the press conference, singer Li Ronghao sang songs such as "model", "will not be ready", and "young forever" as the "chief brand officer of TACQUA" to help the new car.

Why is it that Tan Ying is as young as Li Ronghao?

"If I was young and did n’t feel inferior / I know what is precious / Those dreams / I did n’t give it to you / I am ashamed of my life", the familiar melody is moving, it reminds me of memories of "thinking about the year", looking at the eyes The powerful singer really felt his "young youth". Li Ronghao is not only the singer of this song, but also the lyricist, composer and post-producer. He is joked by netizens that "one person is one team" and has super strength. Later in the day of the film screening conference, Li Ronghao's sixth album "Sparrow" was released, which made people very addicted.

The young and promising, standing next to the FAW-Volkswagen search car, seemed extremely tuned-TACQUA search, is also a young and promising, a faction of strength, whether it is the engraving aesthetic design concept The stylish appearance of colorful color decoration, rich space in the car brought by the setting of "short suspension long axis" (and provide 4/6 ratio rear seats, standard roof racks), It still has sufficient power reserve and reliable outdoor passing ability, which both explain the charm of "can play" and "not bad". It ’s good for daily city commute, and for outdoor trips on weekends. Exploring film hopes that users can play willfully in any scene.

Playing Bad Searching and IWC Pilot

"It's not bad" is not only the SUV that explores this, but also the IWC pilot series watch. As the name suggests, this series of watches was originally designed for pilots, emphasizing stylish atmosphere, tough and pragmatic, whether it is "flying man" use, or everyday users wear, how to play is versatile.

Li Ronghao once showed the IWC Pilot's Watch worn by himself. In the photo, Li Ronghao held the microphone. The IWC Pilot's watch worn by him shined with a charming metallic luster, echoing Li Ronghao's earrings and looked decent. Generous and tasteful.

Interestingly, in the MV of Li Ronghao's song "Young and Promising", the actor's dream when he was young was to become a pilot, but the inborn defect made him pass by the dream, and his first girlfriend also appeared at someone else's wedding. If I am young, I am not inferior, if I am young, I know how to choose an SUV that is not bad ... (Text / Qian Yijia)

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