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Citroen C4 Sega, how about this car?


Hello everyone, this car introduced to you today is the Citroen c4 Sega, the version introduced is the 2018 1.6L automatic luxury model, the official guide price is 119,800, positioned as a compact car, the car as the flagship of Citroen The model has a good price-performance ratio, and the French model has always had excellent chassis tuning. Let's take a look at the static aspects of this car.

In terms of appearance, his modeling is young and atmospheric, which meets the aesthetics of most people. The front grille on the front grille uses a family-style design. The upper part is connected to the logo, which widens the head in disguise. The slender headlights are designed with exquisite internal lights. The lighting effect is excellent. Good sense of movement, the overall proportion of the side of the body is uniform, the lines are slender, the multi-spoke wheels are moderate in size, the rear is quite satisfactory, the tail lights are blackened, and the street has a good sense of freshness.

The overall interior style tends to be simple at home, and the center console is biased to the driving position design, which facilitates convenient operation in daily driving. Most of the workmanship and materials meet the level of the price, and the air conditioning outlets and door handles are also Chrome elements have been added to enhance the overall sense of grade. The multimedia display on the car has created a scientific and technological atmosphere in the car, the interface is clear, the operation is smooth, the physical buttons below are clear, the layout is simple, and the steering wheel is three. The spoke steering wheel is of medium thickness and full grip. The storage compartment design in the driving position is very user-friendly, and you can see where you place items.

In terms of space, the overall size of the car is 4588 × 1800 × 1496mm, and the wheelbase is 2610m. This body size ensures the layout of the internal space, the driving position has a wide field of vision, and there is no large blind area. The rear space has legs and head. The performance is relatively generous, and there is no problem for the overall use of the family. The trunk has a large opening, which can hold more items inside. It has good practicability, the vehicle seat is very wrapped, and the filling is relatively full. It can also be used for long-distance driving. Give the passengers in the car a good comfort, sound insulation and noise reduction treatment in general, there is obvious wind noise on high speed driving.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 1.6l engine with a maximum power of 117 horsepower. It is matched with a 6-speed manual automatic transmission. The car has a comprehensive fuel consumption of 5.9L per 100 kilometers, good fuel economy and suspension. The front McPherson is adopted, the rear torsion beam is a non-independent suspension, the steering wheel is equipped with electro-hydraulic assistance, and the steering is light and precise.

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