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Zhang Liao wants to kill back when Zhang Fei is alone in Changbanpo, why Xu Chu chose to be silent


Hello everyone, Gu is back! I am a man who likes history and likes reading! Welcome everyone to repost my article!

In the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the princes were in dispute, and the flames were endless. In this era of turmoil in the Central Plains and the turmoil in Shiyi, the people in the lower strata are boring, ten rooms and nine empty rooms, but for the heroes with their talents, it is a good opportunity for young people to stay famous. In this age of heroes and talents, Wei, Shu and Wu all have their own proud puppets. Wei has five great sons, Shu has five tiger generals, and Soochow has Jiangdong twelve tiger ministers. But these characters we are going to talk about today are all famous. They are Zhang Fei, Zhang Liao, and Xu Chu.

At that time, when Cao Jun struck, Liu Bei fled with the people and saw that he was about to be caught up. Zhang Fei volunteered to fight, leaving Chang Banpo alone to resist the enemy. Cao Jun saw that only Zhang Fei was alone, and thought that the opportunity to build a career was here, but never thought that Zhang Fei would scream and let Xia Houjie's men and horses startle. When he was killed in a panic, Cao Jun stepped back and achieved Zhang Feiwei's name.

Zhang Liao was also a general who was arrogant and not lost to Zhang Fei. He was not shocked by the chaos and asked Cao Cao to take the initiative. He hoped to take this opportunity to remove Zhang Fei, but Xu Zhu, who was beside Cao Cao, was silent. Even many people mistakenly believe that Xu Zhu is afraid of Zhang Fei, but is this really the case?

First of all, Xu Chu ’s identity is not ordinary. The close guards around Cao Cao are deeply trusted by Cao Cao. Moreover, this manpower is huge and the value of force is reported. Therefore, he followed Cao Cao and was responsible for his safety. Therefore, there was less opportunity to fight on the battlefield.

The second Cao Cao is the main character, Zhang Liao is the coach, Zhang Liao reports to the coach, Xu Chu is just a bodyguard, why not talk?

If it ’s really delicious, it ’s a taboo. Cao Cao would be suspicious. Xu Chu hurriedly said that he would get Cao Cao ’s suspicion. Instead of getting everyone to misunderstand, it ’s better to win the trust of the protagonist.

But when it comes to what Xu Zhu cares about, maybe it is not a prestigious battlefield. He has great achievements in battle. Cao Cao knows how to meet him, so he puts a whole heart on Cao Cao. Friends who have read the Three Kingdoms must know that in describing Xu Zhushi, such a thing was specifically mentioned. Cao Cao's guards are not monolithic. From time to time, assassins or traitors are mixed in. One of them, Xu He, once wanted to assassinate Cao Cao. It was only because Xu Zhu always stayed with Cao Cao and couldn't find the opportunity. That day was when Xu Zhu went home for vacation. Xu saw that the opportunity had come, and he was ready to start, but he never thought that Xu Zhu would not rest assured that Cao Cao was safe. Then he hurried back and happened to hit Xu. He was killed and Cao Cao was protected.

It can be seen that we cannot judge whether a person is loyal or not based on how many kills the enemy has, and how long the ability has been proven.

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