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Make way for the Danes! Real Madrid recommends Isco to the Blues, Pogba has new ideas for the future


The winter transfer window is about to open. Many giant teams also need to fine-tune the lineup after half a season of competition. Today, the editor will talk about the adjustment of the midfield position. Including 5 teams, three Premier League teams Tottenham and Manchester United and Chelsea, but also Real Madrid and Serie A Juventus, this one-on-one transfer will lead to the five giants in the midfield position Major changes. Real Madrid sells Isco to Chelsea

In the position of Real Madrid in the midfield this season, Isco has always been an important substitute. As a substitute, Isco is not satisfied with the playing time at Real Madrid this season, so Isco hopes to leave at the winter window and seek More opportunities to play to ensure that they participate in the European Cup finals in the summer of 2020, while Real Madrid took the initiative to sell Isco to Chelsea, who has been subject to transfer restrictions, with a price of 44 million pounds, and Real Madrid's operation It is also hoped that one person will be taken to Real Madrid in the winter window.

Although Isco has always been a substitute in Real Madrid and is not the main player, Isco and Hazard are not the same type of player. Isco prefers to control the ball and excels. Although compared to Hazard, Iss Ke is not a top assister, but Chelsea, who did not make a big signing in the winter window, is currently ranked in the top 4 of the Premier League under Lampard's training this season, and the transfer is canceled by 1 transfer window in advance Limitations, Chelsea have a transfer budget of 150 million pounds in the winter window, and Chelsea may also be scrambled by Manchester City if they want Isco.

Make room for the Danes

Real Madrid is eager to shoot Isco, and also hopes to get Erikson's transfer in the winter window. Although Ericson and Tottenham players will become free agents next summer, Real Madrid wants to compete with Juventus in the free agent competition. It's still very difficult to win. After all, Juve's visa-free player is rarely obtained by others as long as Juvent wants it. Real Madrid's sale of Isco also hopes to get transfer funds. After being attacked by Winterwinds to bring Eriksson to Real Madrid, The stingy Levy sold Eriksson in the winter window, and it was the last chance.

As long as he doesn't lose money, even a small loss, it is acceptable for Levi. Even if Mourinho took over Tottenham, Eriksson did not change his mind about leaving the team, so the winter window will be Erie Selling away from the team is the best way for Tottenham. In this way, Tottenham can also strengthen the lineup at the midfield, allowing Mourinho to strengthen the midfield. Real Madrid sells Isco and hopes that Eriksson can come in the winter window. To the team to help Real Madrid in the Champions League knockout stage. Zidane has a new idea in Pogba

Real Madrid coach Zidane has expressed interest in Pogba this summer, but the high asking price of Manchester United has discouraged Real Madrid in the end. In fact, Manchester United is not reluctant to sell Pogba, but Real Madrid has not satisfied Manchester United's The lowest selling price of Barcelona, and Pogba has been injured for a very long time this season. Although he played well after paying, even significantly higher than the players in Manchester United, but the heart is no longer in Manchester United ’s Pogba. Still want to leave, as the former owner of Pogba, Juventus also wants to bring Pogba back to the Allianz Arena.

Emrejan is not reused in Surrey's system, and did not even make the Champions League group roster. Therefore, Zhan will definitely leave the team in the winter window, although it was previously reported to be swapped with Paris Saint-Germain's Pastore. However, it does not rule out that Juventus will directly pay for it and use Emrejan as a supplement to the introduction of Pogba. It is reported that if Juventus is willing to use 60 million euros + Emrejan to make a quote, Manchester United is willing to Sell Pogba, and Laiola, as Pogba's agent, is naturally willing to make this business. Anyway, if he earns it, the agent will pay a commission, and the transfer will return to Juventus. Pogba next to his teammates will also allow Juventus midfielder to significantly enhance the ability to deliver threatening balls to the frontcourt.

I don't know if Winterwindow's resignation that will move the whole body will finally take shape, but once it finally takes shape, many midfield attackers will make a big change this winter.

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